Recyclable Packaging: A Pledge to the Planet

We take pride in our unique packaging. Every Be Frank dry food product is housed in packaging that’s not only durable and practical but also 100% recyclable. By choosing Be Frank, you’re not only nourishing your pet; you’re also contributing to a cleaner, healthier planet.

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Be Frank Recyclable Packaging: Rolling Towards Sustainability

We believe in packaging that not only protects the quality of our pet food but also safeguards our planet. Our Roll and Recycle packaging initiative is a testament to our commitment towards a more sustainable future. It is a simple, yet ingenious, solution to reduce waste and promote recycling.


5 simple steps only. No need to look for a soft plastic bin. We make recycling our packaging convenient, easy and quick!

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STEP 1: Buy Be Frank products marked with ‘Roll ‘n’ Recycle®

When you buy Be Frank products displaying the ‘Roll ‘n’ Recycle® Mark, you can be excited that not only will you LOVE the product inside, but the packaging will be recycled when disposed.

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STEP 2: FOLD (if indicated on packaging) then ROLL IT! It is the most important thing you need to do

Once packaging is empty, roll as shown until you finish with a cylinder in the shape of a “9” or a “6” (see step 4).

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STEP 3: Stick it real good!

Lift and peel the supplied sticker and stick firmly where indicated to ensure the shape is maintained in your recycle bin and the recycling collection journey.

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STEP 4: Place your rolled Be Frank packaging into your Recycling Bin at home

This one is self-explanatory. An adult, child, pet or even a favourable gust of wind can take it, just make sure it gets into the recycling bin.

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STEP 5: Voilà! You are a recycling magician!

You’ve just turned a flat “two dimensional” piece of packaging into a “three dimensional” shape. This means it can be sorted correctly at a facility once picked up and recycled. Nice one Copperfield!

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